November Happenings

October 29, 2017

For the last couple months we have been doing a residency at Rush Lane and Co in Toronto. We are launching out new menu this week. Take a look at the menu below to see what time of delicious treats we are serving up every Wed-Sun 6-12.

Mama Flo’s Pop Up at Rush Lane and Co:

Party Mix 6

Chex, spiced nuts, lime leaves, chilli

Crispy Chickpeas 5

Smoked paprika, lemon, cilantro

Organic Beef Tatare 17

Nuoc mam, prawn crackers, fried shallots, Vietnamese herbs, mayo

Seitan’s Wings 9

Crispy spice-dusted seitan, sweet chilli dipping sauce, fried herbs

Rice Gnocchi 13

Confit eggplant and chipotle ragout, pickled mustard greens, ginger, herbs

Fried Pork Chop Sandwich 13

Organic pork, palm sugar bbq sauce, house pickles, kraft single, lettuce

Kimchi Tater Tots 13

Caramelized kimchi Purée, QP mayo, green onions, black sesame, shizo



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