Mixed in the Six 3



December 11, 2016




145 Peter Street, Toronto, On


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Guys this is it: the last Mixed in the Six event of 2016. It’s time to bring in the new year with a good old celebration of mixed culture though dialogue, friends and…getting TURNT. We have secured a truly awesome venue at Peter Pan Bistro (Toronto heritage building) and will have music, food, drinks and maybe even a little story telling to go around.

Gina and I are excited about ending this year with really great mixie times. If you were going to come to any of these sweet gatherings, then this is the one you need to be at. It’s going to be sweet.

Tickets for the event will be purchased through my website. The price will include a plate of food plus a dessert. It will also cover the cost of the bartender.

We’ve decided to go with pre-sold tickets this time around so that Gina and I don’t have to pay out of our own pockets if people order food but  never end up showing up (Shame on you!). Plus, it makes everything seem super cool and professional. Extremely important if we want to continue our path to global domination.

As our plans for the event take solid shape, we will keep you posted on facebook.


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