Farang Khi Nok May 27th Dinner



May 27, 2017




H Bar 859 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G4


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We are back! After the great success of our last Thai dinner, we are back for our last event of the month. The summer is starting to look quite busy, so this might be your last time for delicious Thai food for a while.

This menu will focus heavily on the cuisines of Northern Thailand, specifically Chiang Mai. Expect big, earthy flavours full of dried spices and seasonings not so common around Bangkok.

IMPORTANT: before purchasing your tickets, please email info@mamaflos.com to confirm your reservation time, the amount of people you are booking for and any allergies in your party.


Miang Som

Sweet and salty snack of pomelo, shrimp, coconut and peanuts served on betel leaves

Nam Prik Gapi 

Relish of grilled shrimp paste, lime, pea eggplants and fresh chillies served with cucumber, chayote, and omelette of jungle fern

Larp Chiang Mai Gai 

Chiang Mai style salad of minced chicken and chicken liver, cumin, long peppercorns, coriander, mint and pork scratchings

Gaeng Hung Leh 

Salty, sweet and sour Burmese-style curry of pork with pickled garlic and peanuts

Baked banana pudding with toasted sesame cream and fried shallots

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