Farang Khi Nok BBQ Pop Up



August 11, 2017




Rush Lane and Co 563 Queen St. W.


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We are really excited about this one! We will be doing a Northern Thai BBQ feast. This multi-course dinner will feature the pungent and savoury relishes of Chiang Mai along with delicious homemade sausages, marinated chicken, fiery dipping sauces, veggies and herbs. It’s going to be great! Vegetarians can be accommodated.



Sai Ua-Northern Style curry pork sausage

Gai Yang- soy and coconut marinated grilled chicken

Nam Phrik Ong- ground meat, tomato and chilli relish

Nam Phrik Num-relish of grilled chilli and garlic

Nam Jim Jiao- Hot and sour condiment of tamarind and herbs

Pork scratchings, coconut corn, 7 minute eggs, long beans, cabbage, apple eggplants and herbs

Mango pudding with lime leaf


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