Mama Flo’s LTD is a Toronto-based company headed by chef, fantasy fiction nerd, mainstream hip-hop connoisseur, and the only half Chinese/Romanian person you know, Haan Palcu-Chang.

We focus on doing restaurant pop-ups, private dinners and consulting. Our projects have taken us all over the world, including Toronto, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Beijing, Singapore and Tokyo.

We do what we do because we are passionate about making delicious, well- sourced, nourishing, made-from-scratch food. We do what we do because we can’t think of many jobs more awesome than traveling and making people happy through cooking.

But Mama Flo’s is about more than just putting tasty things into people’s mouths. We are about respect, integrity and humour. We are about honesty, reliability and inquisitiveness. We are about being inspired, and, hopefully, inspiring. We are about using creativity and the medium of food to challenge ourselves and those around us to become better people.

For more on the chef, visit: haanpalcuchang.com